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AV-modul. What Are Trading Pavilions Lined With?
It is obvious to merely every trading pavilion owner that its that the appearance of the building has a significant impact on the effectiveness of attracting the attention of potential buyers, the formation of a positive image and brand awareness of the company.
AV-modul. What Is Trading Pavilion?
A trade pavilion is a temporary structure without a foundation, intended, as usual, for goods of one group.
AV-modul. Need а modular store?
You can buy a store or even several stores to create a retail network - at the most attractive prices.
AV-modul. Frame Housing — a Universal Solution for Business and Life Frame Housing
The change house is a utility room intended for temporary stay of people, storage of working tools, equipment, as well as for similar products and domestic purposes.
AV-modul. Fast-mounted buildings and structutes from the industry leader — AV-MODULE GROUP company
Metal modular buildings manufactured by AV-module group are prefabricated block structures assembled from standard size container containers.
AV-modul. How we make modular buildings conquering the market
Modular buildings are durable, reliable, have a short building time and relatively low cost.
AV-modul. Modern modular buildings under the order — trust is justified!
Due to the consumer’s high assessment of the company's services and products, AV-Module Group LLC is the winner of the Company Rock 2019 and Vibir Sales 2018 competitions.

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