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Delivery of finished buildings to the installation site

The modular building block container is in great demand today. This is an ideal alternative to capital buildings at a budget cost. We recommend that you purchase a modular building in our company AV MODULE Group. We have the most favorable conditions for the acquisition and delivery of a modular building from block containers.

 Delivery of a modular building to a customer Transporting a modular building

The company has long and successfully delivered its products to all regions of Ukraine and abroad. It is possible to deliver the largest objects. Specialists divide them into the necessary modules and quickly transport to a previously specified location. Also, delivery can be carried out by the client, independently.

Having ordered the building container from us, the client will be provided with a project, the cost of the building will be calculated. The customer will also be consulted by a specialist with a further trip to the building site.

Delivery of modular buildings from block containers by our company is carried out throughout Ukraine and to neighboring countries.

How quickly will the building from block containers be delivered and installed?

After the customer makes an advance payment, the terms of the building of the modular premises are prescribed in the contract. After that, we directly coordinate the delivery time with the client.

How are modules from block containers delivered?

The container block is delivered to the installation site of the prefabricated modular premises using our freight vehicles. The price of this service from our company is significantly lower than of similar enterprises. This is since the production of "AV MODUL Group" is located in Ukraine, so you don’t need to spend large sums of money on exports and other additional taxes.

Our highly qualified specialists will independently bring, unload and install a ready-made modular house for a minimum time. The modular container is removed using the appropriate crane, after which the direct installation of the house from the block containers is carried out. This process of installing a house in a suitable place will take 1-2 hours, depending on the size and configuration of the structure.

Possible payment options for the delivery of a finished modular home

For maximum customer comfort, we can offer several payment options for delivering the module-building to the place:

• It is possible to pay in cash for the delivery of the finished house-building or module.

• There is a cashless delivery option.

When placing an order, we will provide details for payment.

Delivery and installation of buildings (cabins, country houses, garage premises) is carried out on time. Construction delivery from production to destination is carried out by truck. At the same time, we comply with all necessary legislative norms and technical standards.

The price of the delivery service will directly depend the distance between the production and the destination, on the type of modular premises and on its dimensions.

The price policy of delivery is not included in the cost of the work, the price is negotiated individually, when a contract is drawn up between us and the client.


Unloading and installation of the modular premises in place is carried out using a truck crane.

The client himself orders the truck crane to the installation site of the ordered object.

Our specialized company provides all customers with a well-developed and established logistics system throughout Ukraine and neighboring countries. You are guaranteed prompt installation and delivery of the purchased modular premises. Contact us right now, we will look forward to calls and online applications! We guarantee prompt delivery of modular buildings to the installation site at the lowest price on time!

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