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Shops, minimarkets

Shops, minimarkets

 Production of shops, minimarkets in Vinnitsa  Production of shops, minimarkets in Ukraine

Fast construction of modular stores

A modular mini-market is an effective and easy way to start your own business. Those who were once faced with the search for a trading place know that choosing a building or kiosk to suit your business absolutely can be difficult. A modular building for a store immediately solves many problems with finding a suitable space, placing it in the place you need, concluding a lease agreement, etc.

But let's start in order. What is a modular store?

A modular store is a pre-fabricated facility that will allow you to make a profit at the symbolic cost of the premises quickly.

A freestanding shop, composed using modular technologies, will be autonomous from the surrounding buildings, while it will fully fulfill its functions of a separate outlet. Modules are delivered to the location and quickly assembled into a single design.

Modular store - undeniable advantages

• At the design stage, a complete design project will be immediately created for the project being implemented.

• Investments will pay off many times faster because they will be much lower than when building a structure of concrete or stone.

• The production process will last about 1-2 weeks, which will accelerate the start of your business and the beginning of profit.

• The modular technology allows, if necessary, to rebuild the modular designs for the store both to expand it and to reduce its size. Both options allow you to use the available space effectively.

• It can also be delivered to any place without problems: this is especially beneficial if you plan to change the location of your sales from time to time.

• Favorable construction price: for pre-fabricated shops, the price is much lower than for capital structures of any type.

What benefits will be available to the owner of a mobile store?

• Transportation of a minimarket from one location to another:

A prefabricated store can operate throughout the year. If necessary, it can be transported from place to place for more profit.

You have plans to expand your business and open a new store, but you don’t know which place to choose? The best solution is to buy a prefabricated store. If the trade does not bring enough money, the object can always be transported to another place. Minimum costs with minimum risk. This option is especially relevant for seasonal trading, opening summer sales points or temporary markets, for example, in areas of intensive development, where there is no way to occupy premises in buildings.

• Ease of expanding an existing outlet.

It is possible to add one or more block containers. Spending large sums, as in the case of capital construction, is not implied. Frame modular buildings for the store are easily rebuilt as a kind of designer, and the cost of such a reorganization is minimal.

• Operational construction - quick payback:

The modular store will be ready for work 14 days after the start of production. Making a profit, of course, will also be operational. That is if you do not want to miss the moment and start a project for the sale of goods that are relevant here and now, to build a fast-built store is the best solution possible.

The "AV MODUL Group" Company Uses Innovative Construction Technology

It is necessary to choose the technology for building a modular store, starting from the following features:

• Speed of construction. When the designed structure will be ready for opening and how soon it will begin to generate income? These are important factors, and the terms of manufacturing a modular building for a store are the shortest among existing technologies in construction.

• Resource capacity and construction difficulty level: we develop each project individually and calculate both the load on the supporting structures and the specifics of your activity.

• How quickly the modular store pays off: for our customers, the payback period from the moment of installation is minimal, which is confirmed by already implemented projects.

   Due to the many advantages, the construction of a pre-fabricated store is in such great demand. The main advantage of a modular store is its mobility.

Why is the design and construction of a modular store worth entrusting to our company?

• Turnkey mobile store.

All that is required of you is to express to our specialists all the preferences and wishes for the project. Building a turnkey store will take a couple of weeks. As a result, we will provide the customer with a full-fledged retail space prepared for business with the entire list of necessary communications and with interior decoration. The full range of work from taking measurements and preparing a design project to final installation is only 14 days.

• Construction of the store on an individual project.

The design of the object will be carried out taking into account all the instructions of the client. The building will be fully adapted to your task.

Only highly qualified specialists will be involved in the design of the modular store. We always listen to the requirements of our customers, make decisions about the technology and the choice of materials, consulting with the client, we carry out all the work with a complete familiarization of our clients with each step, from order receipt and development to installation. An individual approach is a basis that our prefabricated store buildings will fully meet all the needs and expectations of our customers.


Commercial facilities are built on the basis of the latest innovative technologies. The cost of each project is also calculated individually.

• The price is lower than that of competitors: compare the cost of at least the store’s frame in other companies, and you will see that if you order at “AV Module Group”, you will receive a turnkey project with installation at a cost of the same frame from other companies.

• Efficiency of design and production process of modular stores

From the moment you contact our company, the process of manufacturing prefabricated frame stores will begin to unfold in full force.

We will calculate the project rapidly, after which we will build the designed structure within two weeks. We have a unique construction technology that allows us to operate the premises for many years without compromising on quality. The product is warranted. Different design styles, finishes for every taste and budget are possible. According to your desire, when designing, we can prepare marketing options in the form of light signs, shop windows, light boards and other similar structures. As a result of our design and construction, you will get exactly what is called “turnkey” according to European standards.

Prefabricated store – building stages

• You order us to design and build a retail outlet.

• Designing a future building.

• Our factory produces block containers.

• Block containers are delivered to the facility.

• Installation in progress and final finishing.

Contact us! We guarantee the best price and European quality construction.


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Advantages of work with our company

AV-modul. Highly qualified specialists
Highly qualified specialists
— Our company conducts constant monitoring of the employees’ qualifications
— Many years of experience have allowed us to hone our production technology, as well as improve the methodology and sift out limitations
— All materials are processed, milled, cut on high-precision professional equipment, which allows us to produce truly high-quality products
— Products are manufactured in closed dry equipped workshops, which gives us complete independence from seasonality and weather conditions
— We individually approach the design of every order, which makes each of our products exclusive
AV-modul. Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015
Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015
— Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 ensure that customers receive high-quality goods and services
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