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Communications Connection

Connecting communications to the building

Each modular building is completed with complex engineering equipment. The connection of communications is carried out taking into account all wishes and preferences. Our company will provide full service for the modular structure, including the installation of engineering systems, etc.

Modular Building Communications

A modular building, like any other structure, involves living in it all the time. Neither temperature nor weather conditions should affect the comfort of living. The modular house build by our experts will be distinguished by convenience, durability, and practicality.

Communications of a modular building consist of the following systems:

Modular Building Communications Connecting communications in a modular building

• Power supply. The connection of electricity inside of the building is often realized fully in a cable channel using high-quality copper wires. Internal wiring is connected to external electrical networks. The power supply system will be combined into a single electrical panel. Standard equipment implies the presence of sockets, lamps and electrical appliances protective shutdown. If desired, you can install autonomous power supplies for emergency lighting. If the customer wants the object to be autonomous, the building is equipped with batteries, generators or solar panels. In general, the wiring of such structures occurs on the same principle as the conduct of electricity in major buildings.

• A bathroom equipped with all necessary sanitary ware, as well as a boiler and a pump.

• Heating system. The standard equipment of modular buildings is usually not equipped with heating. For modular buildings, both solid fuel and electricity are suitable. If the unit modules are used as transported mobile points, they are heated with the help of bourgeois, electric convectors, water heating from solid fuel boilers (their number will directly depend on the dimensions of the modular building). Also, the modular structure can be heated with infrared heaters, heat pumps, air curtains, heat guns, electric or diesel batteries.

• Ventilation. There are 3 types of ventilation for a modular building: natural, mechanical, and supply-retractable.

For natural ventilation protective shutters are suitable. Or natural ventilation will be going through windows and doorways. By the way, windows can be equipped with protective grilles. The supply-retractable type will ensure the supply of fresh and removal of dirty air.

• Sewerage and water supply. This kind of building can be equipped with a centralized or local water supply. For wiring are used metal or polypropylene pipes. The wiring is also carried out with the installation of valves.

Sewerage can be installed with a tap and connection to central systems, or with the use of a storage system. If the building is autonomous, outlet septic tanks are installed. Internal communications are also installed.

As you can see, modular buildings are not inferior to standard residential premises in terms of technology and engineering equipment. Moreover, the insulated wall design makes it possible to reduce heat loss and optimize the energy consumption for heating the facility.

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