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Installation of equipment

Installation of equipment

Our company also provides installation services for such equipment as:

 Installation of equipment in a modular building Heating in a modular building

Before ordering the installation of all of these equipment, you should first familiarize yourself with it in more detail.

Installation of pumping stations

One of the main requirements for the installation of this equipment is dry soil. Installation of pumping stations can also be carried out on flooded soil. Correctly completed installation ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment at full power. It also helps to avoid unforeseen failures and breakdowns that may occur if you decide to carry out installation without the help of real professionals. Our company carries out the installation of pumping stations quite quickly, it will not take much time.

The main steps of installation of pumping stations:

Installation of solar panels

This equipment is the most alternative energy source today. It is not only independent, but also financially beneficial. Our company carries out professional building, installation, commissioning and electrical work. By installing solar panels, we perform the following processes:

Initially, we study technical working conditions, prepare the workplace.

Installation of compressor equipment

Proper compressor installation is the most important criterion that will be responsible for the stable operation of the device. How is the installation of compressor equipment going? The masters of our company carry out the installation in several stages:

  1. We formulate the terms of reference.
  2. We prepare a place for installing the compressor.
  3. Mount the equipment.
  4. We prepare the compressor for start-up.
  5. We carry out introductory training on the use of compressor equipment.
  6. We hand over the finished object to the customer.

Installation of heating boilers

A high-quality heating system allows you to recreate an atmosphere of extraordinary comfort and coziness in a modular room. Correctly carried out installation work will ensure optimal temperature conditions. Among the main stages of installation of heating boilers from our professionals:

You will have the opportunity to independently determine which type of boiler is most suitable. We are ready to provide product options such as:

Whatever device the customer chooses, our company can offer both wall-mounted and floor-mounted installation. They have the same connection principle. The only difference is that in the first case, the boilers are installed vertically on the wall, in the second - on the floor. The wall-mounted type of boilers is considered lighter and more compact. The floor weighs significantly more, so before you install the device, we prepare a special foundation. Installation of the field kitchen is carried out by analogy with the installation of the above equipment.

Why should you contact our company?

Every year an increasing number of customers turn to us. This is due to many factors. AV Module Group provides:

We will wait for online applications and calls! If necessary, managers will advise in detail.

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