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Installation on site

Installation of modular buildings on the site

A modular building is a construction that consists of heterogeneous block containers. Block containers are used for the building of utility, residential or administrative buildings. Since the block containers are simple in design and standard in size, their installation is quite quick. Also, the features of these elements allow you to quickly launch a modular building into exploitation. A modular facility is an ideal option for connoisseurs of inexpensive and high-quality solutions.

Installation of a modular building Installation of a modular office

Installation of this kind of building on the site is very quick and easy, the site remains clean, there is no dirt, as with major building. The modular building is virtually monolithic, installation is done at a professional level, which saves a lot of time. Also, installation can be carried out on any site, there is no need for any additional documentation. If necessary, dismantling is carried out, after which the building can again be easily moved to a new location.

Advantages of contacting AV Module Group

Our company carries out the installation of modular buildings for individual projects. The duration of the installation of a modular building will directly depend on how large the facility is. The assembly of a modular building on the site by highly qualified specialists will be implemented as soon as possible.

Modular building - undeniable design advantages

In addition to the fact that the modular building is notable for its loyal price, it is also characterized by rapid assembly and disassembly. Block-modular buildings have a list of advantages:

• Aesthetic appearance and comfortable layout.

• Upscale components and building materials.

• Increased strength.

• Long term of use.

• Thermal insulation and resistance to fire.

Installation of the building is possible in regions with adverse climates. You can also build an object from several floors (up to three inclusive). Installation of such structures is especially relevant in areas where it is impractical to use traditional building materials.

Steps of assembling objects from block containers

1. Installation of the block container begins with the delivery of the transport package to the installation site.

Next is the installation and unpacking of the transport packaging.

2. After that, the assembly of the structure. All modules are bolted together. To make the building waterproofing, we resort to the use of appropriate sealants.

To make the installation of the block container, there is no need for building and technical equipment. Installation can be performed by two specialists. Only a crane is used. The installation procedure will take about 2 hours in total. An electrician will be drawn from the inside of the wall panels. At the request of the client, the block container is equipped with a ventilation system and air conditioning. Water supply, heating and sewage systems are mandatory. We have a reasonable price and a decent level of service. Sometimes it may seem that this is the simplest, but it is worth noting that it is the correct installation that will give you a guarantee that the design will be durable and reliable.

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