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Іnformation about delivery

Terms of delivery

Delivery of AV Modul Group products is carried out throughout Ukraine and abroad by road.

How is the delivery of modular buildings and structures?

We will deliver and install the modular house at the installation site. Check the cost of delivery to your region separately. The houses are removed from the car by a crane and installed at the destination. Installation takes 1-2 days and is performed by specially trained installers. There is a possibility of self-removal.

What is the cost of delivery of a modular building?

Specify the cost of delivery to different regions of Ukraine of orders of different volume individually.

What factors do we take into account when transporting modular structures?

Oversized structures with a width of more than 3 meters (6x3) and weighing more than 3 tons require a special vehicle and a permit to transport them.

Machine requirements. Transportation of modules is carried out by means of the crane manipulator. When choosing a vehicle, it is necessary to take into account the load capacity of the car and the boom of the manipulator. The length and type of body will also be important.

Features of loading and unloading. As manipulator cranes are used for delivery of designs, it is important to provide unobstructed access of equipment. It is necessary to take into account that the boom of the manipulator reached the load.

Requirements for transportation. The process of transportation of modular buildings can refer to both standard delivery and transportation of oversized cargo.

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