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Frame houses

What are modular frame houses

 Production of frame houses in Vinnitsa  Production of frame houses in Ukraine

Nowadays, you can build a house unusually quickly. At the same time, the building process will not be excessively costly. Innovative technologies of frame building open up new opportunities for you.

Modular frame houses are a modern direction in the field of building. This is a kind of constructor, which, if necessary, is assembled and transported from one place to another. Given this, the collection and analysis of the structure in no way affects the quality of building. It is thanks to this that such houses began to be called mobile.

Functional frame house

Modular structures are no less functional than standard buildings. They differ only in that they are built unusually quickly. Judge for yourself, we install a frame-modular house on the site in just 1 day, since modular houses are pre-manufactured at the factory. A ready-made house is brought to the site, which experts unload with the help of a manipulator. After that, within one day, full-fledged housing is already going to. At the final stage, the necessary communications are connected, after which you can safely invite guests to a housewarming party.

Our modular buildings have everything you need for a comfortable stay, regardless of the time of year. Starting from the ventilation, sewer and heating system, ending with energy and water supply. But that is far from all. Everyone probably knows that to erect a capital building, a solid concrete foundation is needed. The building of such a foundation leads to additional costs, especially if your site is on a slope. There are also land plots where capital building is prohibited according to the law of Ukraine. And in this case, you can install a modular frame house on such a place. Buildings are lightweight, so you can install the structure on any solid surface, regardless of slope and terrain. At the same time, there is no need to build a capital foundation.

This kind of room is mounted on a pile-screw foundation

Modular houses from our specialized company are the best option you can go to so as not to erect a capital structure. This is a multifunctional and comfortable housing, not more expensive than the cost of a car. Frame-type structures are becoming more and more popular for permanent residence. First of all, this is since the building of this kind of housing takes place quite quickly, and has a budget price. Frame houses are affordable housing, so the number of people wishing to buy such a building is growing rapidly. Our company AB Module group presents to everyone who wants their house designs on the frame. The collection line has at least 50 such buildings. Making an order for a project is as simple as it is enough to just call the contact phone number on the site.

Types of frame all-weather houses

There are insulated all-weather frame buildings for those who want to leave their small apartment and move to a comfortable house outside the city. You can also erect summer cottages, designed specifically for living in them all year round. The company offers frame houses designed for permanent residence of people who like modern, innovative architectural solutions, quality finishes and multifunctionality of their housing. You can order innovative ready-made and equipped saunas from us for healing and a pleasant pastime.

How do we produce modular homes?

During the development of the building scheme during the design of the frame structure, many subtleties must be taken into account. Creating such a project, we take into account the design of joints, the accuracy of the connection of all elements. In this regard, we have thought out a clear production process, according to which assembly is carried out in the workshop. In this case, exclusively professional tools and high-precision equipment are used. It is also necessary to adjust to the optimum size each part of the skin. This process is quite time-consuming, and also requires the use of appropriate tools. This will make the house durable, as well as improve its energy-saving properties.

Professional specialists of our company have many years of experience in the development of durable frame houses of ideal quality. Any building must begin with the arrangement of the foundation. We can install both pile and strip foundation. Both options are characterized by reliability and availability. Such a foundation can be used on clay soil, as well as on a plot with a slope. The frame-type house on stilts is also fixed as firmly as possible. It is no worse than a concrete base. Installation of such structures can be carried out on land for any purpose. Even near reservoirs, where, according to the law of Ukraine, in principle, building is prohibited.

At the second stage, it is necessary to connect communications and install furniture. We guarantee that we will create a comfortable turnkey multifunctional house for you. Our specialists act so clearly and deliberately that we can easily indicate the specific deadline for completing the work process, the full amount for the provision of services, without unforeseen expenses.

The AB module group is engaged in building up its projects, as well as developing buildings, building on the preferences and wishes of the client.

You will have the opportunity to order any project of the frame building you like from our catalog, and to monitor each stage of the work on its building on our workshop. After you sign the contract, we engage a manager who will consult in detail and answer all your questions.

Contact us, we are always ready for cooperation!

Realized projects of this type

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Frame modular house

Advantages of work with our company

AV-modul. Highly qualified specialists
Highly qualified specialists
— Our company conducts constant monitoring of the employees’ qualifications
— Many years of experience have allowed us to hone our production technology, as well as improve the methodology and sift out limitations
— All materials are processed, milled, cut on high-precision professional equipment, which allows us to produce truly high-quality products
— Products are manufactured in closed dry equipped workshops, which gives us complete independence from seasonality and weather conditions
— We individually approach the design of every order, which makes each of our products exclusive
AV-modul. Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015
Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015
— Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 ensure that customers receive high-quality goods and services
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