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Construction change houses

Building construction of modular cabins - the best decision

 Production of construction change houses in Vinnytsia  Production of construction change houses in Ukraine 

Often there are situations when managers are confronted with everyday issues of their workers, which must be solved quickly and with minimal costs. Organization of the labor process involves comfortable conditions and optimal placement of employees. The solution to such issues should be operational and budgetary, especially if temporary housing is considered.

 The ideal option would be a turnkey mobile cabin. Previously, to organize such change houses, it was required to buy an initially unusable design and equip it for standard household needs. But such solutions are no longer relevant because you can order pre-fabricated turnkey cabins.

Such mobile facilities are also known as construction trailers designed with the latest innovative technologies. But modern metal cabins from the manufacturer have little in common with those that were in use even a dozen years ago: they are much more comfortable, practical and cheaper! Especially if it is a turnkey design from "AV MODUL Group".

The cabins themselves are extremely versatile, they have both a basic finish (simple cabins for workers) and more expensive, for example, foreman cabins. All types of finishing are available at the request of the customer.

Besides, we produce real mobile buildings that can be used not only for their intended purpose as temporary housing for builders at the construction site or mini-office for the superintendent. The quality of the production of cabins by "AV Modul Group" meets the standards of frame houses, and they can be used on land for the harvesting period, in private households as an alternative to a cottage or as outbuildings.

Construction of modular trailers from the company "AV MODUL Group"

Mobile change house block container - the most comfortable solution.


Also, if at some point there is a need to move to a new facility, the metal cabin can be transported quickly and easily. This can be done an unlimited number of times due to the modular construction of cabins, which are disassembled and assembled quickly and without loss. If necessary, you can complete the building of the cabin just by ordering modules in our company, for example, if necessary, to place additional staff. We will install them and adapt the building to the new needs.

The indisputable advantages of a modular change house from our company

The main advantage of the construction trailer is its mobility and quality. It’s worth ordering the construction of a frame change house both for stationary installation on the territory of an industrial enterprise and in case of a regular change of location (for example, for a separate construction team or contractor). You can easily transport it from place to place at the end of construction work and install it at a new facility in a matter of hours.

It is also worth buying a modular construction trailer for other reasons:

• Ease of installation. Installation of a cabin can be compared with the Lego constructor. The construction of a modular change house will take about 2-3 hours. No special knowledge is needed for this. With a crane and step-by-step guidance for the construction of a cabin, any person can carry out the construction. But in any case, we will provide you with installation if necessary.

• Turnkey designs by our specialists.

• Unaccompanied transportation. For transportation of construction for that permissions from state bodies are not required. Only the appropriate vehicle is needed. Our logistics service can arrange delivery from the production of change houses to your facility.

• Durability of use. It is for about 50 years! The container cabin repeatedly pays off for the term of operation. At a low price, it serves faithfully even in the most extreme climates and with intensive use and frequent transport.

• The company provides a warranty on the frame. The modular construction trailer is practical and reliable. Change houses are very universal in application, they can carry out many functions in production, in agriculture, in the country and in construction. It all depends on the needs of a particular customer, which the specialists of our company take into account when placing an order.

• The modular building trailer in functionality and convenience is in no way inferior to capital buildings. Our company will provide customers with fully ready-to-use change houses. Specialists will carry out the installation of wiring, heating system, installation of interior decoration, bathroom, etc. All individual needs and wishes of the client will be taken into account in the manufacture of modular cabins to your order.

• The modular change house from our company will be fully insulated and adapted to the climatic conditions of the region. Foreman cabins are suitable for living, both in the summer and in the winter season. Sealed rooms always imply convenience and dryness. The warmed winter change house is able to withstand even 50-degree frost.

Why should you contact the specialized company "AV MODUL Group"?

Despite the fact that there are other organizations of this kind, customers turn to us. As leaders in the manufacture of custom-made change houses, we are very attentive to compliance with high-quality standards at all stages of our work. The team of “AV Module Group” contains real professionals in their field.

Reasons why we are trusted:

• Availability of own production. The company’s production is located in Ukraine, so the client does not overpay for the delivery. We do not increase the price due to taxes or duties. This means that we are personally responsible for all stages from design to installation.

• Individual foreman developments. All customer preferences will be taken into account. If necessary, the modular block container will be changed according to all wishes. The cabin can have one or two floors. Such premises are best suited for country houses. For example, from two cabins made of metal, there is an opportunity to build a country temporary hut. In the production of change houses, we take into account their purpose and select the best options for decoration, arrangement and arrangement of modules to your needs.

• One of the leading positions in the modern market. The specialists of our company have many years of experience and high qualifications. Thanks to this, they can build a huge number of modular premises of different levels of complexity. We have debugged the sale and manufacture of modular cars in Ukraine to the smallest detail. Thanks to this proven process, our customers are satisfied with the speed, service and, of course, the result of their order.

• 3D visualization. Even before the start of the workflow, customers will be able to familiarize themselves in detail with the design of a modular facility. The customer will be presented with construction containers, a change house from different angles. The project is developed completely free of charge. This approach allows customers to show us in a timely manner what refinements they would like to make to the project, and to us - to accurately fulfill the wishes of our customers.

• Change house meets all European standards and requirements. Our company has all the necessary certificates and other licensing documents, which are confirmation that the production of cabins meets the standards. This factor allows us to confidently offer change houses construction from the manufacturer "AV Module Group" to official developers, construction organizations and state construction services.

• We guarantee customers prompt delivery on time. Our logistics service pays a lot of effort to ensure that you get your trailer on time because in some cases this is fraught with delays in your business.

•Affordable price. We are constantly developing, due to which we can provide customers with the most favorable conditions for the manufacture of cabins of frame type. Today, if you compare the offers of modular wagons, the prices of our company will be a pleasant surprise for you. We form an honest value based on the characteristics of the building that you order, and in the cost estimate, we accurately indicate the prices for each stage.

If you need a high-quality modular change house, contact us right now. We look forward to making calls and online applications. Also, if necessary, we will provide additional after-sales service for the products. Remember, a mobile change house is the best replacement for a stationary room.

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Advantages of work with our company

AV-modul. Highly qualified specialists
Highly qualified specialists
— Our company conducts constant monitoring of the employees’ qualifications
— Many years of experience have allowed us to hone our production technology, as well as improve the methodology and sift out limitations
— All materials are processed, milled, cut on high-precision professional equipment, which allows us to produce truly high-quality products
— Products are manufactured in closed dry equipped workshops, which gives us complete independence from seasonality and weather conditions
— We individually approach the design of every order, which makes each of our products exclusive
AV-modul. Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015
Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015
— Products manufactured according to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 ensure that customers receive high-quality goods and services
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