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Design is the key to high-quality building of modular structures. Our specialized company is also engaged in designing at a professional level, and carries out it in several stages, we:

Office AV Module group Modular building design

During the design, all preferences and wishes of the client are taken into account. Our team of specialized specialists creates mobile, universal and reliable solutions in the design of modular buildings. Even at the project stage, we carefully think through comfortable and ergonomic wiring of electricity, plumbing, ventilation, and sewer systems.

Customer Collaboration

We offer customers individual professional design at a European level. We support and communicate with the customer at each stage of the project creation. Even if you need non-standard placement of blocks, our high-class masters with many years of experience will fulfill this request. During the preparation of the relevant documents, an examination is conducted on compliance with regulatory documents and technical solutions. Each of the design stages implies:

• Loyal prices: for example, we can mount windows of different price categories, apply finishing materials, both economy class and elite (at the client’s choice).

• Deadlines.

• Use of innovative finishing and insulation technologies.

• Continuous quality control of work processes.

The following points will be agreed with each of the customers:

• The budget for the construction of a modular design.

• Purpose and dimensions of the structure.

• Conceptual and technical features of the room.

• The external and internal design of the building.

• Climate conditions in which the building will be operated.

The project of modular designs can be developed in 2 directions:

• Typical design. The customer is provided with a choice of various types of blocks. Clients can simulate the premises of the necessary parameters: style, size, features of use.

• Individual project. Modules are created according to customer sketches by the specified parameters.

For all finished building modules, there are optimal communication parameters. The most relevant types of ready-made modules include:

• building change houses;

• office and storage facilities;

• guard posts;

• shops, industrial and commercial premises.

Before completing the design of the building and agreeing on the project, our masters, if necessary, allows the customer to make changes to get the best development result. High qualification and knowledge of our company’s specialists allows us to create a unique modular design project and organize the preparation of documentation for construction at a decent level. We can offer the best solution since we have experience in the design, implementation, and use of modular buildings, which makes it possible to suggest which is better and more convenient to use in each case. Contact! Managers will contact you within a few minutes to clarify the details.

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