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What Are Trading Pavilions Lined With?

AV-modul. What Are Trading Pavilions Lined With? | AV-module group

It is obvious to merely every trading pavilion owner that its that the appearance of the building has a significant impact on the effectiveness of attracting the attention of potential buyers, the formation of a positive image and brand awareness of the company.

Nevertheless, its inner decoration is no less important esthetic component of the first impression of the clientele while visiting the store. Therefore, the cladding of a shopping pavilion requires a thoughtful approach.

We have described shortly a list of modern lining materials that are used in trading pavilions building. We have also put attention in that article to main methods of heating the pavilion in winter.

Outer Lining Materials for Freestanding Shopping Pavilions

Local trading items are the base of the iron carcass with panels attached to the carcass as walls. The material for that walls could be:

  • sheet metal profiles;
  • aluminium composite panels;
  • glass elements in metal frames (both transparent and colored, including mirrors);
  • metal-plastic profile (including imitating wood or natural stone trim).

At the same time, opaque panels have a layer of heat-insulating materials inside. In many cases, it is considered popular to paint or plaster the walls outside, as well as the use of facade tiles is common.

How to Make Inner Lining of The Pavilion

Different materials made using various techniques are used for inner space lining.

For walls are frequently used:

  • wood-based panels - particleboard, fiberboard, MDF, OSB;
  • plastic - seamless, extruded, rack-and-pinion;
  • drywall.

For flooring are used:

  • Ceramic tiles as the most popular option;
  • Porcelain stoneware as the most durable and solid;
  • Lino being the cheapest option

For lining the ceiling, are usually used:

  • Drywall;
  • Plastic;
  • Fiberboard.

Entrepreneurs all over Ukraine should know how to insulate trading pavilions that are their property. The layer of insulating materials is used placed between the inner and outer wall surfaces, ceiling surfaces and flooring.

Special attention should be paid to the insulation of cold bridges. And also to the heating system of the shopping pavilion in the cold season.

How to Provide Heating In the Trading Pavilion in Winter

There are a lot of options for resolving the issue in the subheading. They differ both in terms of the cost of implementation and the cost of subsequent operation. It seems obvious that a decision is made on how to heat the trading pavilion is still at the design stage. Here are the most popular heating systems for trade pavilions:

1. Water heating involving the use of an individual water heating boiler working on gas, electric, or less often on solid or liquid fuel. Hot water is supplied through pipelines to radiators, convectors or to the underfloor heating system.

2. Air heating with special air handling units that supply heated air to the room.

3. Electric heating that are oil radiators, electric convectors, infrared radiation devices, electric underfloor heating system.

You can order a project, production and installation of a modern shopping pavilion equipped with a heating system, power supply and ventilation in the AV-Module group company. We offer high quality in minimal terms of implementation for reasonable prices.


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