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What Is Trading Pavilion?

AV-modul. Shopping pavilion - what is it? | AV-module group

A trade pavilion is a temporary structure without a foundation, intended, as usual, for goods of one group.

Such an object can be made both as a separate building and as a building with a closed space located inside a shopping center. The pavilion has a sales area and assumes the presence of one or several sellers.

You can comprehend the difference between the trading pavilion and the local constant store in a table below.

Main Parameters Constant Store Trading Pavilion
Locality Capital structure
А temporary structure that can be moved to a new location
Basemen + -
Assortment Numerous product groups Single group goods
Warehouses + -
Administrators, merchandisers, sales assistants, movers, cashiers, cleaners
A few sellers who are combining all the functions
Staff Rooms + -
Engineering All needed communications Minimal
Furniture and equipment All needed Minimal

How to Build a Trading Pavilion?

If you have already chosen the place to install a pavilion and its estimated turnover was calculated, the project was purchased and the corresponding permits were obtained, the time for construction work comes. For a small pavilion, a foundation is not needed; but a flat concrete area will be a good idea. If the construction of a larger facility is planned, a lightweight tape or tape-and-column reinforced concrete basement is usually used.

Then, it is time to install an iron carcass which will be a base for attaching walls, ceiling and floor. Choosing the profile type, you should count its weight and a considerable the windage of the frame structure, which also significantly increases the load on the base. When mounting structural elements to the frame, you need to take care of a good waterproofing and high-quality thermal insulation materials.

What Is the Best Material for the Trading Pavilion Construction?

The strength and reliability of the structure depend on the frame, so it is best to use a profile made of high-strength low-carbon steel with an anti-corrosion coating for its manufacture. The outer part of the walls is usually made of sheet metal profiles, the inner part is made of chipboard, OSB or something like that. The gap between the outer and inner surfaces is filled with heat-insulating materials. For the floor and ceiling, a multilayer structure is also used, including a galvanized sheet, elements of the support frame, hydro and thermal insulation, chipboard plates and a finishing coating. Suitable roofing materials are used for the roof.

How Does It Cost Constructing a Trading Pavilion?

To calculate an approximate cost of building a trading pavilion from scratch, you should add to the outlay including material and work costs the next several options:

  • Concrete base pouring;
  • Carcass manufacturing and installation;
  • External sheathing with the profiled sheet;
  • Hydro-insulating and heat-insulating materials installation;
  • Roofing profiled sheet montage;
  • Flooring with hydro-insulation and waterproof OSB plates;
  • PVC-channels mounting and electrical mounting equipping;
  • Metal-plastic windows installation
  • Installation of the entrance door.

The final cost of the pavilion will be significantly influenced by the design of the structure, its dimensions, the choice of materials, and the assessment of the installation work by the contractor.

Where to Buy a Shopping Pavilion

To optimize the production process of construction, you can order a trade pavilion from the AV-module group company. We offer you different options including the manufacture and installation of a structure according to your existing project or choose a suitable option from our catalog. You can also order the development of an exclusive project for your needs. We work throughout Ukraine. For detailed advice, please contact our specialists.


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