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The change house is a utility room intended for temporary stay of people, storage of working tools, equipment, as well as for similar products and domestic purposes.

Usually, these are compact, easily moving buildings, made in the form of containers or assembled from separate modules. The purpose of such structures may be different: in production - to organize a mobile office (slave), as a room for temporary residence of workers, a warehouse, a security post, a first-aid post or for other household needs; in private use - a summer kitchen, a country house, a guest cottage, an inventory warehouse, a utility unit or a temporary building during the building of a house.

How the change house is arranged?

Change houses, depending on the purpose, can consist of different blocks, have different configurations, internal structure, interior decoration materials, etc.

The system of metal change houses, like the Lego designer assembled from modules, allows you to quickly mount rooms of various sizes and configurations. For installation of the change house on a prepared horizontal surface - it can be a poured and rammed plane or a temporary columnar foundation of cinder blocks - a strong steel frame is installed.

Walls, floors, and ceilings containing insulating materials inside are assembled in the factory. They arrive at the installation site ready-made. The outer surface of the walls is sheathed with a profile sheet, the color of which can be selected by the customer according to the RAL table.

The inner surfaces of change houses are often sheathed with sheets of OSB-3 - a moisture-resistant, durable, environmentally-friendly material. Depending on the purpose, appropriate equipment and additional decoration of the premises are offered. For example, office change houses can be sheathed inside with laminated chipboard, have additional windows equipped with protective shutters.

The roof can be flat (provides for the possibility of mounting a second-tier), single-pitched or gable, as a rule, sheathed with a profiled sheet. For these structures, metal-plastic windows, internal doors made of MDF, and external - steel are provided. All necessary communications are easily mounted in such rooms.

The benefits of a change house

Frame and modular household premises are advantageous, first of all, low cost. In addition, metal cabins are durable: in building organizations, despite the harsh operating conditions and frequent transport, they serve at least 20 years. Other important advantages of frame cabins are:

  • simplicity and short assembly and commissioning;
  • mobility - because they are lightweight and do not require a capital foundation;
  • multifunctionality and versatility - it is easy to change the configuration, modify, convert for any needs.

When using frame and modular cabins both for production purposes and in private households, you can easily make any engineering communications, equip them with the necessary equipment, arrange comfortable conditions and maintain an attractive appearance.

Where is it profitable to order a change house

You can purchase a frame change house specially designed and mounted specifically for your needs in the AV-Module Group company. The high qualifications, rich experience and impeccable reputation of our specialists, combined with the use of advanced technologies, professional equipment and high-quality materials from trusted suppliers allow us to state with confidence: you will be satisfied with the result. Contact now.

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