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Need а modular store?

AV-modul. Modular store production of AV-Module groups | AV-module group

You can buy a store or even several stores to create a retail network - at the most attractive prices.

Your purchase will have a recognizable design, corporate identity and everything you need to get started immediately. At the same time, you can easily arrange your outlets in areas with the maximum consumer traffic and the minimum number of competitors nearby. And if necessary, it is just as easy to move stores to a more profitable location.

Such a development of events is feasible if you decided to implement your plan with the help of small architectural forms (MAFs) or, as they say now, temporary structures (AF). And this opportunity came to you thanks to the construction technology of modular buildings, which is successfully used by the company "AV-Module Group".

You make a wish, we fulfill!

This is your business, so the key points, of course, you indicate. For example, the required area of ​​trading floors and auxiliary premises, additional equipment and the availability of appropriate communications depend on what goods will be sold in your stores. Of decisive importance for your future profit is the choice of places in which outlets will be established. Depending on what is being sold, it can be busy intersections or sleeping areas, campus or leisure areas, a business center with many offices, or a green boulevard near a car park.

As soon as you decide on the main parameters, the specialists of the AV-Module Group company will perform the following actions:

  • You will be presented with a project of a modular building for a store, taking into account all the necessary nuances; after approvals, the technical documentation will go to the production department;in the factory using modern equipment, store modules will be assembled;
  • Each building of the future network of your stores will be delivered as separate modules to the installation site and installed within 1-2 days.
  • Further, finishing work is carried out, communications are connected, the necessary equipment is installed. And that’s it. It remains only to give an advertisement about the opening, to deliver the goods and - proceed to make a profit.

What are the benefits to the owner of a chain of stores by ordering modular buildings?

First of all, we will name the main advantages of frame-modular technology over capital construction:

  • simplified legalization of the building;
  • a large number of architectural, design and color solutions;
  • relatively short lead times;
  • The total project cost is significantly lower than with capital building.

When ordering a mini-market or any other retail space at the factory, the client saves himself from the need to engage in building, as well as from solving many complex tasks associated with this.

But the main thing that you get when ordering modular stores is the high speed of building, the minimum of expended resources, affordable price, simplicity and elegance of technical solutions. And therefore - the fastest return on investment. There are still not so significant, but very pleasant bonuses:

  • mobility - modular buildings do not require a capital foundation and can be easily moved;
  • the ability to create a unique recognizable store design for building off competitors;
  • potential for expanding the network due to the rapid introduction of new stores for the finished project.

Since you were lucky enough to know this news before others, it means that time works for you. Hurry before your competitors to order a modular store in the company "AV-Module Group" at the best price.

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