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How we make modular buildings conquering the market

AV-modul. How we produce modular buildings | AV-module group

Modular buildings are durable, reliable, have a short building time and relatively low cost.

Block constructions are assembled from modules manufactured at the factory. They are collapsible, so they are easy to transport, and, if necessary, re-plan in any combination. Such structures do not need a capital foundation, because they are lightweight, and they do not require permits for building.

All prefabricated modular buildings produced by the company "AV-module group" comply with applicable sanitary and fire regulations. They have modern finishes with high-quality materials, are equipped with appropriate utilities (electrical wiring, plumbing, climatic equipment). They have optimal thermal and sound insulation.

Features of the production of modular buildings

To construct the framework of the future modular building, we use high-strength low-carbon steel coated with a layer of zinc to protect against corrosion. Such a frame successfully resists external factors and retains strength for more than 40 years. By the requirement of the customer, the interior of the room is equipped with all necessary communications. Due to the finishing materials and the necessary equipment, the desired degree of comfort is achieved. At the design stage and preliminary approvals, we strive to take into account the architectural preferences, functional requirements and aesthetic wishes of our customers. We have reliable suppliers verified by many years of cooperation, and we are ready to provide certificates of conformity of quality for each material used in the production of modular buildings. Frame-modular technology allows the building of durable and reliable buildings up to three floors high.

Building stages

The manufacture of all elements of the modules takes place at a specialized factory. This allows each operation to be brought to perfection and quality control at every stage: preparation of metal structures and blocks, assembly of modules and finishing work. The full production cycle involves the installation of insulation, sound insulation, the installation of windows and doors, protection from adverse environmental factors.

The building of high-quality and durable modular buildings, as well as the production of other block structures, includes the following stages:

  • Design. The client can choose from ready-made options or order the development of an individual building project.
  • The choice of materials. For the production of modular buildings, containers of standard sizes are used, developed by special order or combined prefabricated structures. Their frame is a metal structure on which the walls, floor, and roof are fastened.
  • Warming. Protection from external environmental factors involves the use of environmentally friendly materials with a high fire safety class.
  • Preparing for the installation of utilities. Electric wiring is laid, points for entry/exit of water and sewer pipes are prepared.
  • Decorative work. Exterior and interior decoration are carried out at the factory.
  • Assembly of modules. The connection of elements is carried out on the factory floor. Due to this, the risk of cold bridges is eliminated, since all joints are checked for leaks.

This technology allows you to produce reliable, durable and energy-efficient designs. Therefore, the buildings are ready for operation immediately after completion of installation work at the facility.

Why is it profitable for you to order modular buildings from us?

Our company has been working steadily since 2013. Every year we carry out dozens of projects of varying complexity, functional purpose, volume. Among our clients are leaders in their industries. They have impressive capabilities; their status allows you to choose any contractor - the best in the field of construction of modular buildings. They chose us. It is difficult to attribute our services to those that the company might need many times during its existence (most companies are not building buildings very often), but even taking into account these circumstances, we have many regular customers. We consider this a high indicator and invite to cooperation!

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