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Fast-mounted buildings and structutes from the industry leader — AV-MODULE GROUP company

AV-modul. Quickly mounted buildings and structures from the AV-Group module | AV-module group

Metal modular buildings manufactured by AV-module group are prefabricated block structures assembled from standard size container containers.

Our products are made by European standards, are in demand and are applicable in various fields. The company is engaged in the development, manufacture and installation of prefabricated modular buildings in Ukraine. Structures from the factory are delivered ready-made and mounted directly at the facility.

Where to use prefabricated modular structures

  • administrative buildings at construction sites;
  • temporary housing for workers in organizations practicing shift work;
  • operational medical centers;
  • sanitary blocks;
  • car washes;
  • guard posts;
  • exhibition centers;
  • ticket offices;
  • warehouses and workshops;
  • coworking;
  • scientific laboratories;
  • hangars and trade buildings;
  • shopping and entertainment complexes.

Block-modular structures can also be used in private households for installation in garden plots, cottages. Such buildings are equipped with electrical wiring, water supply and sewage pipes, heating system; therefore quite suitable for living.

Design and manufacture of modular structures

The company "AV-module group" carries out orders of any complexity. Taking into account the wishes of the client, we put in the project thermal insulation, utilities and the necessary equipment.

Stages of the enterprise during the building of a modular building:

  • design - we offer the client options for ready-made solutions, or we develop an individual project;
  • manufacture of modules - we create blocks ready for installation, using the production facilities of our enterprise, innovative technologies, modern equipment and high-quality materials; therefore, we guarantee the efficiency of work and the quality of the final result;
  • installation - we deliver to the place of operation and mount the building on the prepared site, equip engineering communications (optional).

The process of building block-modular structures

Modern building technologies make it possible to design modular buildings with one, two and even three floors; their dimensions can be standard or unique. This is achieved through the use of block containers in which one or more walls may be absent. When docking such modules, the dimensions and configuration of the premises vary.

Buildings are mounted from one or several block containers. The first are checkpoints, trade stalls, public transport stops, cabins and showers. The second - the building of a large area or built on several floors - exhibition sites, trade pavilions, residential or office premises.

Interior decoration is carried out depending on the intended purpose and by the wishes of the customer. The walls are usually lined with OSB boards, after which a fine finish is added. For exterior decoration, a professional sheet is best suited. At the design level, each element of the future design can be agreed with the customer.

Advantages of prefabricated buildings of modular type

The advantages of modular buildings are not limited to structural strength and affordable prices. Buyers who opt for these facilities are usually attracted by the following:

  • short terms of installation and dismantle;
  • the possibility of installation work regardless of weather conditions and time of year;
  • operation in any weather conditions (outside temperature from -40 to +50 ° С);
  • buildings are easy to move to a new place;
  • the universality of use;
  • environmental safety;
  • ease of redevelopment and many finishes;
  • attractive design.

The company "AV-module group" carries out projects of any complexity, taking into account the wishes and financial capabilities of the client. You can leave a request on the website, call us on the phone or order a callback.

Our experts will provide you with quality advice on modular buildings, help you choose the option that suits you best.


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